Hello, I’m Becky!

I live in an old stone house with original wood floors and buckets of beloved character on a working horse farm in Northern Virginia. After a few visits to Loudoun County a number of years ago, my husband Mark and I fell in love with the area and, with an excited family of 16 in tow, we decided to call it our forever home. Goodbye Wisconsin; hello Virginia.

This last move was only the latest in around 18 prior (yes, you read that correctly), into and out of homes of all shapes, sizes, values, and needs, many of which we built ourselves or remodeled to make our own.

So, as you might imagine, I understand all too well the challenges and stresses of uprooting and re-rooting (which also happens to apply to the fact that my “happy place” is my “green”house). No matter the house, I have learned to find the joy and excitement in each one and to relish the memories made there.

In our many transitions, I’ve developed the ability to quickly see the potential (or lack thereof) in almost any space. Now that I have I’ve watched and helped many of our children establish homes–big and small, new and old– in this beautiful part of Virginia, I have realized what a joy it is to pair just the perfect property with the people who will love it. I desire to make that happen for others outside my family.

Having spent most of my lifetime managing a busy household of 14 children (who’ve since blossomed into 10 grandchildren!), I’ve gained a wealth of organizational experience and the necessary ability to manage time – both mine and others – efficiently. I’ve learned to sweat the details that matter and brush off the stresses that don’t, and perhaps most importantly, that everyone needs and deserves real, personal attention, communication, and care… from tiny toddlers to adults.

I believe home should be a place of comfort and peace that draws one in at the end of a day, but also is an energizing, happy place from which to begin afresh the next morning. I would love to help YOU find that place.

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